General terms of sale

1. Who we are

Glimja Wholesale, som är en del av GLIMJA AB, 556891-7867 (”GlimjaW”), Is a wholesaler that offers retailers carefully selected high-quality products, services and knowledge to contribute to a healthy and sustainable world where people, animals and the planet shine (flourish).

We do not sell directly to consumers, but only to retailers who in turn sell our products on to consumers.

2. Become a reseller 

We carefully select our resellers to fit into our reseller structure. Only those who have been accepted in advance by us as resellers can buy products from us. We always reserve the right to make changes to our dealer network at any time and no longer work with a dealer.  

3. Applicability of the terms

These general terms of sale ("Terms") Applies to all deliveries of products to GlimjaW's resellers ("Reseller”) From the date stated above and replaces all previously published terms of sale.

These Terms apply in applicable parts unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Product information

The products that GlimjaW offers for sale from time to time are presented on GlimjaW's website Upon request, the Dealer can also obtain product lists with prices.  

5. Only for sale in physical stores  

The Reseller only has the right to resell the products that the Reseller buys from GlimjaW in physical points of sale, such as shops, clinics. All other sales, e.g. e-commerce or mail order, requires a prior written approval of GlimjaW.  

6. Prices 

Current regular prices for products are provided on GlimjaW's website and are stated in SEK and EUR, excluding VAT. Cost of shipping see the item on Shipping and delivery below. GlimjaW reserves the right to change prices without prior notice. The price stated on the website applies unless otherwise agreed in writing. For large volumes, discounts may be possible at regular prices.

The website also has recommended consumer prices.   

7. Order and order confirmation

Ordering products is done on the website or in another specially agreed way. 

By placing an order with GlimjaW, the Reseller accepts these Terms. 

Regardless of the ordering method, the Reseller receives an order confirmation. GlimjaW reserves the right, however, to unilaterally choose whether an order made by the Reseller is to confirm the order or not. 

Binding agreements between the parties do not come into being until GlimjaW's order confirmation to the Reseller - however, the Reseller is bound by its order after ordering.

8. Shipping and delivery

We offer free shipping on purchases over SEK 5,000 ex. VAT to the Retailer's business address. For purchases under SEK 5,000 ex VAT, shipping will be added. Shipping will be added to another address (dropship) regardless of purchase amount.

Normal delivery time is 1-3 days if the item is in stock. On Mondays we often have high pressure, and the delivery time can therefore be 1 day extra. If something in your order is missing in stock, we will notify you immediately and will return with an approximate delivery time. If you want to order larger quantities of certain goods or brands, we may need to plan purchases and the delivery time may then be longer.

We send with DHL Packages to company addresses in Sweden, Bring Parcel in Norway and UPS to other European countries. Please note that the DHL Package requires someone to be on site to receive the package.

9. Transport damage

If GlimjaW is responsible for the shipping to the Reseller, GlimjaW is responsible for a product being damaged or lost during transport to the Reseller.

If it is about broken goods, take a picture and email us. It is important that all content is saved in order to be able to document and complain about the goods. The reseller is responsible for unpacking and inspecting the condition of the products as soon as possible upon receipt. Transport damage must be reported on the day of arrival of the delivery, but hidden transport damage that was not discovered or should have been discovered at the delivery, must be reported as soon as possible and in all circumstances within one week of receipt of the delivery. If the Customer does not claim the transport damage in accordance with these Terms, the Reseller loses the right to make a valid claim for the transport damage.

10. Payment terms  

We offer payment options, Klarna invoice and card payment as well as Paypal. In some cases invoice directly from GlimjaW. The terms for each payment service can be read at checkout before you accept the terms and payment.

The products remain GlimjaW's property until full payment has been made.

GlimjaW has the right to adjust the payment terms, demand advance payment or other security for future deliveries.

11. Delivery delay

GlimjaW does not bear any responsibility for delivery delay, regardless of whether the delay is due to a delay with the carrier, a delay or a residual listing with the product manufacturer or another circumstance.

12. Ej mottagna/uthämtade paket

Kommer gods i retur till oss på grund av att ingen mottagit godset och leverans ej har varit möjlig att genomföra debiterar vi kunden returfrakt + en administrativ avgift på 299 kr (EUR 29,90). Om GlimjaW debiteras av speditören för upprepade leveransförsök så debiteras detta till Återförsäljaren.

13. Complaint  

Upon receipt, the reseller must check the product / delivery. In order to be able to claim that a product / delivery is incorrect, the Reseller must immediately after he has discovered the defect complain to the GlimjaW, however no later than 10 days from the invoice date.  

Returns must be returned well packed in approved packaging. The retailer bears the risk for the product during transport. In the event of an incorrect complaint, GlimjaW has the right to return the product to the Reseller and to charge a shipping fee. 

14. Guarantee

Guarantees for goods are provided in accordance with the guarantees given by the respective manufacturers of the products. GlimjaW does not provide any additional warranties in addition to the respective manufacturer's specified warranty terms, which are stated on the respective product page on GlimjaW's website 

15. Responsibility

If there are errors for which GlimjaW is responsible, GlimjaW undertakes, at its own discretion, to remedy the error by repairing, re-delivering or refunding the purchase price. GlimjaW's liability in the event of defects in the product is limited to what is stated above and the Reseller cannot make other claims against GlimjaW due to defects. Under no circumstances is GlimjaW liable for indirect damages or consequential damages, such as loss of production or loss of profit.  

The total liability that may arise for GlimjaW towards the Customer is limited to the total price paid by the Reseller for the defective products. 

16. Disclaimer

GlimjaW is not responsible for failure or delay in fulfilling GlimjaW's obligations in the event of, including but not limited to, war-like events, riots and unrest, disruption of public relations, export and import restrictions, changes in legal regulation or interpretation thereof, other injunctions authority, strike, lockout, blockade or other labor disputes, fire, explosion or other accident, epidemics, pandemics, natural phenomena or for errors or delays in deliveries from subcontractors due to the above-mentioned circumstances.

17. Applicable law and dispute

Swedish law shall apply to these Terms. Disputes arising from these Terms shall be decided by a Swedish court with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance.

18. Other

GlimjaW reserves the right to change all information, including but not limited to, prices, technical specifications and product offers without prior notice.

Information and prices are provided with reservations for printing and typing errors, inaccuracies in specified technical specifications, suppliers' price increases and for final sales.

The information provided on GlimjaW's website or other material does not constitute a commitment on usability, suitability or guarantee other than where it is directly stated in writing to the Reseller. Current offers are valid as long as stock lasts, unless otherwise stated.

GlimjaWs reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. The current Terms and Conditions are available on GlimjaW's website 

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